X-Ray Imaging

X-Rays are a form of high-energy, electromagnetic radiation, like visible light. Unlike light, X-Rays can pass through objects, including the body. Technicians at LIMPA utilize high-frequency X-Ray Technology to generate images of tissues and structures inside the body.

Louisiana Internal Medicine & Pediatric Association uses a combination of traditional and digital X-Ray devices to assist in diagnosing and assessing treatment needs. To help patients make informed decisions, physicians at LIMPA provide a one-on-one consultation based on their X-Ray imaging results.


Our Imaging tools scatter X-Rays into specified locations of the body, based on the patient’s needs, ultimately producing a visual record of internal structures. First, the patient is positioned between an X-Ray source and the detector.

The X-Rays transmitted into the body pass through the source, into the detector on the opposite side of the patient. An image is produced representing the shadows formed by the tissues, structures and objects inside the body. Bones appear white, and tissues are displayed in shades of gray, due to the difference in density.


At Louisiana Internal Medicine & Pediatric Association, X-Ray Imaging assists our physicians with detection, prevention and every step of patient care. The procedure increases our knowledge of patient health, and in some cases, early detection through X-Ray allows to manage, treat or cure a condition early.



Each type of X-Ray requires different types of preparation. In general, patients are asked to undress the part of their body being examined. Often patients are asked to wear a gown during their examination. The radiologist may also request the patient remove jewelry, eyeglasses or any other metal objects that can disrupt the x-ray reading.


Radiation can take many forms, including visible light, x-rays, gamma-rays, microwaves and radio waves. Ionizing radiation, which is used for x-rays, has many uses, including sterilization of food and medical equipment. We use the x-rays to create medical images and sometimes in treatment as well.

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