An ultrasound is a noninvasive medical imaging technique used to produce an image of internal structures of the body. Probes, called transducers, produces high-frequency sound waves, above the threshold of human hearing to create a visual representation of the source.

LIMPA ultrasound technicians employ modern ultrasound technology, providing the most optimal results and accurate diagnosis. Our specialist uses a transducer to emit ultrasound waves into the body and detect echoes reflected outwards.

Noninvasive & Accurate

The active elements inside most transducers are composed of special ceramic crystal material, known as piezoelectrics. The crystal produces sound waves within an electric field but alternatively creates an electric field when in contact with a sound wave.

Transducers emits a series of sound waves into the body. The waves are projected back towards the transducer, generating electrical signals, which are transmitted to the ultrasound scanner.

The scanner calculates the distance between the transducer and the tissue boundary and uses the findings to generate a two-dimensional image of tissues and organs.


Louisiana Internal Medicine & Pediatric Association uses either diagnostic or functional ultrasound applications based on patient needs. We utilize diagnostic ultrasound technology to image internal organs, and functional administering to visualize blood flow in the body. Ultrasounds are regarded as one of the safest medical procedures and are highly beneficial for LIMPA physicians seeking out appropriate treatment for patients.


UltraSound Tips

In most cases, there is no specific preparation necessary for patients. Depending on which area of the body is being examined, some initial preparation may be recommended. For example, ultrasounds of the gall bladder require the patient to fast for several hours before the exam. Ultrasounds of the pelvic organs require the patient to drink water to fill up the bladder. Any pre-procedure preparation is recommended, so we can get the most accurate image. The necessary preparatory procedures will be provided to patients before the ultrasound.


Ultrasounds provide your doctor with information about the specific soft tissue structures, or about the efficiency of blood flow in vessels within the soft tissue. Ultrasounds are used to target specific structures directly and can help with diagnosis, prevention and monitoring the progress of a condition.

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