Pulmonary Function Testing

Pulmonary function testing is used to diagnose and monitor asthma, COPD (emphysema and chronic bronchitis) and other lung disorders. These tests are used to monitor patient response to treatment regimens prescribed by our physicians.

Each pulmonary function test evaluates a different aspect of lung function, such as how quickly air can move in and out of the lungs, how much air they can hold and how well lungs function during exertion.

testing your lungs

A specialist will apply a mask or mouthpiece to the patient, which is attached to a device called a spirometer.

In some cases, a nose clip is connected to the mouthpiece to prevent air from leaking out. As the patient breathes in and out, the spirometer analyzes lung capacity and function. Our specialist will ask each patient to breathe in different ways to achieve a full assessment of lung function.

Patient’s may feel dizzy or lightheaded during testing, but stress levels are being closely monitored throughout the evaluation for signs of stress.


Values and results vary from person to person. Patients results are carefully analyzed, then compared to an average of results from patients of a similar background, body composition, and age. Testing gives us a general assessment of lung health and helps medical providers at Louisiana Internal Medicine & Pediatric Association make educated decisions regarding treatment for patients.


Pulmonary TestingTips

There are several items and activities patients must avoid 24 hours before testing. Patients should not smoke for at least one hour before testing, and avoid any alcoholic substances for at least four hours before the test. Avoid heavy exercise for at least 30 minutes before testing. Patients should wear loose fitting clothing to ensure they won’t have any difficulty breathing. Also, patients should avoid ingesting a large meal within two hours before testing. Check with your doctor for any additional instructions.
Pulmonary function testing includes a broad range of tests, but they each have one goal in mind. The primary purpose of these tests is to measure lung intake and how efficiently oxygen is transferred into the blood. For example, a Spirometry is a tool used during pulmonary function testing that measures how well the lungs exhale. The information gathered during testing will assess the strength of your lungs and help doctors make any principal diagnosis.
The test is performed to identify any disorder or disease in the lung. The doctor will examine the results, and compare the patient’s values with those of a person of a similar age, height, ethnicity, and gender. Normal results are expressed as a percentage. A value is typically considered abnormal if it is less than 80% of the anticipated value for that person. Consult with a medical professional at LIMPA to receive a full explanation of results and figures.


Pulmonary function testing helps your doctor evaluate the health of your lungs. Testing is useful for diagnosing some lung disorders. It provides medical professionals with early signs of malfunction and helps us find a solution.
Testing assesses the health and capacity of your pulmonary system. Results and measurements vary from person to person; however, your doctor will compare your values to those of someone of the same age, height, sex, and race as you.
Pulmonary testing can identify a variety of illnesses and underlying conditions. Doctors also use the test to measure the effects of chronic diseases like asthma, cystic fibrosis or chronic obstructive lung disease. We’ll be able to use your results to determine whether medicine can be helpful for any condition.
Results vary person to person because all of our bodies are different. For example, taller people and men tend to have larger lungs. Shorter individuals and females typically have smaller lungs. A person’s lungs continue to grow until they reach their mid-twenties. Talk with a medical professional at LIMPA about your results to make sure you fall within the normal range for your age, size, height, and weight.

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