Metabolic Screening

At Louisiana Internal Medicine & Pediatric Associates, we take a multifactorial approach to metabolic disorders. Our metabolic screenings examine patients for a variety of conditions or disorders that may affect metabolic function. This screening is designed to provide results that will help you live a more healthy and balanced life.

Your Metabolism Analyzed

During testing, each patient receives a broad examination of their organ function, which may reveal any underlying conditions such as diabetes, kidney disease, liver disease or a thyroid disorder.

If doctors discover a metabolic condition, the patient will receive a one-on-one consultation with a healthcare provider at Louisiana Internal Medicine & Pediatric Associates. Healthcare professional’s offer patients further dietary guidance and nutritional counseling if appropriate. Exercise recommendations and medication prescriptions are also provided if necessary.

We partner with our patients to strive to achieve our goal of conquering and controlling these health conditions.


Metabolic disorders typically do not show any signs or symptoms and can be difficult to identify without a blood test. Louisiana Internal Medicine & Pediatric Association aims to help patients with early detection and treatment of any disorders, so we can prevent potentially severe complications from arising. We check each patient for a variety of conditions and help you develop a plan for treatment if necessary.


metabolic screening Tips

Patients will be instructed to fast for about eight to ten hours before their screening. The nutrients and ingredients in the food a patient could consume before testing are absorbed into the bloodstream. These items could impact factors measured during metabolic screening. Fasting will ensure accuracy and help doctors correctly diagnose any conditions. Patients are encouraged to drink plenty of water throughout the fasting period. Hydrated veins are easier for doctors to find and draw from. Unless the doctor says otherwise, patients may continue to take their usual medication throughout the fast.
To begin testing, the medical professional will press their fingers against the patient’s skin to locate the best vein. Next, they will clean the area with an alcohol pad, and in some cases tie a tourniquet around the upper arm to increase blood flow. The specialist will insert the needle and begin to draw the blood. Many patients report feeling a slight pinch during the process. After the blood is drawn, the needle is removed and the patient’s sample is sent to the lab for testing.
Doctors examine test results for patterns and irregularities. Results vary and are compared to the results of healthy individuals of the same age, weight, and condition of the patient. In some cases, several screenings are required before an accurate assessment can be achieved. Out of range results can be attributed to a variety of conditions including breathing problems, thyroid dysfunction, diabetes related complications and more. If there are any out-of-range results, one or more follow up screenings may be recommended to help doctors establish a diagnosis.


Metabolic testing is a screening used to evaluate organ function and test for conditions affecting the metabolism. The test examines the health of the kidneys, electrolyte levels, blood glucose, blood protein status and more. Results outside standard ranges may indicate abnormal metabolic functioning.
A medical professional will collect a blood sample during your screening. A small needle is inserted into a vein in the arm. If medical testing makes you uncomfortable or anxious, please consult with your doctor beforehand.
In some cases, patients are asked to fast for ten to 12 hours before their screening. You are allowed to drink water during the fasting period, but no other beverages are permitted. Sometimes a blood sample may be taken on a random basis, instead of after fasting.
Your doctor will evaluate your test results and search for any patterns. Several screenings may be required for your doctor to understand the scope of your metabolic condition fully. Out of range results can be attributed to many different conditions. Your doctor will work with you to understand your results and make a diagnosis accordingly.

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