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Our team at LIMPA specializes in understanding the unique needs parents face throughout their child’s development. We administer preventative care and acute illness care for infants, children and teenagers.

Monitoring growth and development are integral to Pediatric care in our office. Because we are board certified Internists and Pediatricians, children transition to adulthood comfortably without having to ever change doctors.

We are also, due to our training, comfortable taking care of children with chronic medical conditions that follow into adulthood. Children receive quality care provided by Baton Rouge’s best child specialists, in a safe, child-friendly environment.

The Best Care For Your Child

The care your son or daughter receives during their childhood will last them a lifetime. Medical professionals at LIMPA are trained to identify and treat childhood illness, ranging from minor health issues to serious diseases.

We specialize in preventative care to ensure every parent makes the best choice for their child’s future. Our staff of pediatric professionals is board certified and equipped to provide exceptional care for your child.

To ensure your child’s health and safety our team performs thorough physical exams, provides vaccinations, and always shares essential information about your child’s health status.


At LIMPA, we provide the most deligent and thorough children’s care possible. Our goal is to make sure your most precious loved one is properly checked out and taken care of. Make an appointment today for check ups and if you require any special testing or imaging services.


Tips For Kids

Before the visit, parents should read any vaccine materials previously provided by healthcare professionals. Materials include detailed information about the vaccine and help parents understand why the immunization is necessary for their child. Parents should always bring the child’s immunization record to the appointment. The history will tell the doctor which shots the child has already received and which vaccinations are still needed. Also, parents are recommended to pack a favorite book or toy to comfort the child in case of distress. Mild or minor illness shouldn’t hinder your visit or lead to rescheduling.
The doctor will present the parents with a Vaccine Information Statement (VIS) before performing the vaccination. A VIS includes information from the Center for Disease Control explaining the benefits and risk of a vaccine. As the doctor begins, parents should try to distract or comfort the child with a toy or by cuddling, singing or speaking softly. Children will feel a small pinch at the site of injection. During the shot, parents should hold the child firmly in their lap, to help the doctor safely perform the injection.
Vaccinations are an important part of ensuring the best future for a child. Medical professionals at LIMPA follow the Center for Disease Control’s recommended Vaccination Age Standards and the American Academy of Pediatrics’ Immunization Schedules. These guidelines and standards are designed to make the vaccination process as safe and convenient as possible for children. Each vaccine is scheduled to protect children when they are most at risk of complications from a disease. For parents to ensure the health and safety of their child, regularly consult with the child’s Pediatric Doctor at LIMPA. Each doctor is knowledgeable of vaccination standards and available to educate parents about immunization schedules, outcomes, and safety.


Vaccines manipulate the body’s natural ability to learn how to fight off disease-causing germs. Once the body comes in contact with a particular microbe, it remembers how to protect itself during any future encounters. Vaccines contain microbes from threatening diseases that have been weakened or killed. Once the immune system faces these microbes, they remove them from the body, while also storing the information it needs to combat them again if necessary.
Rarely, vaccinations trigger mild, moderate reactions. The most common reactions include redness and fever, along with swelling or soreness at the site of the shot. More extreme reactions include seizure or severe allergic reactions; however, these cases are very uncommon. Millions of children are safely vaccinated every year, without experiencing serious side effects.
Several vaccinations immunize your child’s body for their entire life. Some vaccines only last for a few years and require periodic shots to refamiliarize the immune system. It’s important for parents to maintain a record of their child’s vaccinations. Missing a scheduled vaccine increases your child’s risk of infection and illness.
It is impossible for your child to get a disease from a vaccine. The microbes used in vaccines are dead or small parts of the bacteria. The risk of sickness from vaccines is minor. Immunizations created from weakened versions of live viruses may cause the child to develop a mild form of the disease. However, your child will never experience symptoms as severe as those from the original illness or virus.

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