Group Nutrition Classes

Individual nutritional counseling is known to be beneficial for creating dietary change. Group nutritional counseling can be equally as influential, while also offering patients a support network as they progress. In many cases, group nutritional counseling enhances an individual’s ability to produce long-term dietary changes because of the social support structure involved. Group nutritional counseling helps people create their own path for nutritional growth and also offers them the opportunity to learn from the personal experiences of others.

Group health goals

During group nutritional counseling, a nutritional counselor will bring together a small group of individuals with similar nutritional interests or goals. Possible objectives include losing weight, developing healthy eating habits, lowering cholesterol, building a diabetic meal plan and more.

Each meeting will focus on promoting healthy habits for everyone in the group, while also ensuring each member of the group is on track to reach their personal goals. Throughout the counseling experience, individuals are encouraged to share their struggles with implementing new dietary habits.

Group members can learn from one another’s experience, while also sharing the knowledge they’ve gathered on their own nutritional journey.


A concise nutritional game plan is key to maintaining a healthy life. At LIMPA, we conduct rigorous tests and examinations in order to personally develop you the right plan suited for your lifestyle. Get on the right track with our health and let our professionals lead you to your goals.


Group Nutrion tips

Before patients begin group counseling, a healthcare professional will meet with them to identify their specific nutritional goals. Counselors may assess the individual’s body weight and recent dietary history. The initial dietary assessment provides counselors with a basis for identifying behaviors and habits that may need to be addressed for the patient to accomplish their goals. The counselor will also examine the individual’s current situation and background to plan their nutritional changes appropriately. Once the counselor has developed a full profile of the patient’s dietary habits, nutritional needs, and objectives, they match them with a group of patients seeking to accomplish a similar goal.
Next, the patients are introduced and briefed on the nutritional goals, standards, and requirements for their group. The goal may be broad, or very specific, depending on whether individuals in the group are seeking to achieve specific dietary standards. During group sessions, the healthcare professional will act as the group’s facilitator, introducing topics and discussions relating to the patients’ ultimate goal. Discussion and contribution are encouraged during group sessions. Patients are asked to share their thoughts, concerns, and struggles regarding their dietary changes, so the healthcare professional may offer guidance and valuable information for the entire group.
At the end of the session, the healthcare professional will summarize the group objectives and aid anyone in the group who needs additional guidance. Patients are asked to implement the skills shared during the session into their daily life and offer support to other members. Healthcare professionals ask that patients note specific deterrents they face as they try to make dietary changes. At the next group session, patients are invited to share their struggles, and the healthcare professional will identify patterns of difficulty to help create unified solutions for the entire group.


Nutritional counseling is a process in which a healthcare professional works with a patient to assess their diet and identify patterns of unhealthy eating. During counseling, healthcare professionals focus on helping the patient begin implementing and maintaining necessary dietary changes. The counselor will provide the patient with informational material, nutritional planning, and support to ease the process.
If you’ve been struggling to lose weight or meet specific dietary requirements, nutritional counseling may offer the guidance and details you need to reach your goals. Healthcare professionals teach patients dietary strategies specific to their nutritional needs. With the support of your group and counselor, you’ll be able to appropriately plan your dietary intake and ensure nutritional success.
Anyone can benefit from dietary education. The skills and information patients learn during nutritional counseling promote healthy lifestyle changes and ultimately help individuals reduce their chance of developing a disease. Nutritional counseling offers each patient the tools they need to improve their health and quality of life accurately.
Unlike individual nutritional counseling, group counseling involves meeting with a small group of people with similar dietary goals. The motive of the group can be broad (i.e., weight loss) or specific (i.e., decrease blood pressure). The group’s counselor will act as a facilitator for all discussions. One of the greatest benefits of group nutritional counseling is social support, which is helpful for maintaining changes and accomplishing goals.

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