Important Updates Regarding COVID-19

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LIMPA Upcoming Appointments: Temporary Changes

Your health and welfare is very important to us at LIMPA. Because of this and the COVID-19 outbreak, our process has evolved for your safety. Please be patient during this outbreak as it will take longer to answer messages, refill medications, and may lengthen appointment wait times.

If you become sick for a regularly scheduled appointment or physical, please let us know as soon as possible to prevent delays of care as we will have to change your appointment type and appointment time.

We have two waiting areas at this time: our regular waiting room and an isolation sick waiting room. Our isolation waiting room has a separate bathroom, and all patients must sit 6 feet apart. All sick patients will be pre-triaged over the phone at time the appointment is made.

If you are designated for an ”ISOLATION APPOINTMENT,” the following protocol will be instituted:

  • Upon Arrival At the Clinic

    Please call our isolation cell phone number at 225-249-9918 so we know you are here. All payment for services must be made by credit card/charge card only over the phone at time of arrival. We are asking you not go through the regular clinic entrance.

  • Two Options For Waiting

    You will be given the option to wait in your car OR sit in our Isolation Waiting Room which has a separate entrance as notated by red and white signage. When the physician is ready to see you for your appointment, our employee will call you to meet the nurse at the isolation door if you are in your car. Otherwise the nurse will get you out of the Isolation Waiting Room to bring you to an isolation exam room.

  • Testing & Results

    If you are deemed safe to have a car appointment by our triage nurse, we will get your history over the phone, temperature will be taken and flu and coronavirus swab test will be done by the physician car side through your window. Please park at the designated spots marked by cones and signage. We will send any necessary prescriptions and notify you of results. Please note coronavirus test results via LabCorp or Quest can take 4 days or longer. Please make sure we have a good working number.

We greatly appreciate your patience through this virus outbreak. Remember to keep your preventive care visits and regular chronic medical condition visits as staying healthy is the best way to fight this disease.

Tasha Shamlin, MD
Kenyatta Shamlin-Haynes, MD

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